Last evening, firefighters responded to

August 10, 2019

Last evening, firefighters responded to a residential building fire. An ornamental / recreational fire pit had been in use on a deck however it was too close to the home and other combustible material. As a result it ignited the home and the fire quickly spread consuming a fabric awning, vinyl siding and the underlying wood frame. Fortunately the fire was quickly contained and did not extend into the home.

We’re thankful that this situation was not any more significant. We want to caution everyone on the careful use of fire pits, chimnea’s and other similar devices whether they are wood burning or gas fueled.

Towamencin Fire Company, the National Fire Protection Association and the International Fire Code, recommend these devices to be 25 feet or more from combustible materials. They should always be used in accordance with the manufacturer guidelines and attended when in use.

Thanks to the Hatfield Fire Company, Towamencin Police Department and our PA State Police Fire Marshals Office for their assistance. Towamencin Township Police Department Hatfield Volunteer Fire Company